Mista Jones "The New Wave Tour" Hits Ottawa Ont April 20th


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Avant-Garde Bar, 135½ Besserer St., Ottawa, Ontario K1N6A7




$ 10 per Person


Mista Jones "The New Wave Tour"

We be on Parliment Hill In our Nations Capital on The National Weed Smoking Day !!
4/20 Come Smoke With us !!

Live in Ottawa - Thursday April 20th
at Avant-Garde Bar (135 1/2 Besserer St)

Co-Headliners : FlankaBoi & Flaco
special guest: TBA

hosted by: TBA
music by: DJ WILDKID

opening artists:

-Soul Physical

Doors open 8pm
Show starts 9pm


==> $10 advance

==> $15 at door

==> meet and greet with Artists After the show

Tickets Available @

- from any of the opening artists

- call 819-271-8821

This show will SELL OUT so get your tickets fast!!!




Mista Jones - Living The Life

Mista Jones - All I Know



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Facebook - TheRealMistaJones
Instagram - @TheRealJeffJones
Twitter - @DaRealMistaJones

Mista Jones (A.K.A Jeff Jones)
known for being a multi-talented engineer, that displays a new twist to artistry in the area of technical media logistics.
He showcases abilities in Sound/Video recording and producing, beat development, musical composition, and through lyricism.
Also a top graduate in sound engineering of Recording Arts Canada in Montreal.
A sound specialist and music producer,
committed to developing a wide range of innovative sound concepts.
Equipped with the proper tools to refine sound quality.
He strives to motivate aspiring artists, engineers and music lovers through his work.
This talented professional will contribute to the music community by diversifying skills, and showing the world the joys of His passion for music and sound.

Flaco aka Flac's began rapping at the age of 19. His rap career started in the West Coast (British Columbia). He then got signed to a independent label call Cartello records/Black Rhino in Victoria, B.C. His first album was The Hood Poet, back then he was called D-mac aka Lil Flaco. He started spitting on West Coast beats and had a West Coast flow. Being from the East Coast Windsor, Ontario and parts of Detroit, Michigan, you would expect him to have an East Coast flow. His slang and attitude was East Coast which made him unique. 1 and a half years later he moved to Ottawa, Ontario where he tried to get his name heard. Moved to Edmonton, Alberta for a quick minute, then back to Ottawa, Ontario where his rap career brought him to the next level. Flaco worked with a couple different label out here, but none of them saw his true potential and vision for his music. Flac's started his own label and movement called Dope Boiz ENT and has a mixed tape out called The Product(hottest in the city). Headlined for a number of big artists an has been on an Ontario tour. You can expect a lot from Flac's. He is dedicated and pushes himself to the limit. Defiantly a legend in the making.

Sound cloud link is Flac's A.KA. Flaco
Twitter: www.twitter.con/THISISFLACO

INSTAGRAM: flacoflacu

Management email:

J Knodis ( Aka Joshua Faria )
Was born December 8 , 1993
Lives in Toronto, Ontario but raised in Brampton
is a Canadian Hip-hop / Rap Recording Artist. Unsigned he received good recognition for a single released " Fight Night Remix " which on YouTube has 40,000 views. Also with a talent on creating beats , and meaningful lyrics
hard working independent artist that wont take no as an answer, brings a energy that
mixes old school with new school. A big supporter to other Artists , Currently is Scheduling to go on Tour for Summer 2017, and always working on generating new projects.
Creating his own label called " JFK PRODUCTIONS " be ready to see a lot more from this artist
in the upcoming future. talented, with a different style than most, J Knodis is an artist to look out for when
it comes generating a flow which attracts his audience.
He did not come from wealth but is determined to create his own, J Knodis is a Positive influence to everybody
Watch out for more projects being produced by J Knodis and to be featured on other tracks with other Artist's.

Bio:Flankaboi is a 24 year-old Canadian rapper with Ghetto Kids Entertainment born and raised in Flankers, Jamaica.

A flank is also a rib, and we know from the story of Adam and Eve this represents the beginning of mankind, just as Ghetto Kids Entertainment gives cultural rise to a new movement of music.

With a passion for rap music growing out of his upbringing in both Jamaica and Canada, Flankaboi brings power to the stage with cutting-edge direction and integrity as a leader within the group.

Flankaboi hopes to implement a wave of awareness while on tour about the struggles of people raised in low-income areas and how holding onto your dreams can change everything.