Cherry Suede at Darcy McGees


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D’Arcy McGee’s Sparks St, 44 Sparks St , Ottawa,Ontario,Canada






It’s like being at a campfire with Randy Van Halen and Randy Bob Jovi – these guys will have you singing along with all kinds of classic rock favourites for a guaranteed great time…and no need to worry about forgetting their names – they’re both Randy!

Ask any one of our more hardcore fans, and they will tell you that we work pretty hard. In fact, never stop working, and we challenge anyone to find any indie artists who work harder, both onstage and off, for their fans and their art.
And although we regularly get compared to some of rock music’s most timeless and influential artists, which is incredibly flattering, we’ve put a lot of careful thought into finding a sound and style that is truly our own. Our songs, along with our intimate and interactive performances (over 3000!), have had some fans traveling hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to see us. Something for which we are extremely grateful.