Capital Drinks: April Edition 2017


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CRAFT Beer Market – Restaurant + Bar, 975 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3W7






Capital Drinks is a monthly meet up for the entrepreneurial type in Ottawa! Whether you are already an entrepreneur, thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, work for yourself, run a startup, have a business on the side or just want to be more involved in the startup and entrepreneurial community in Ottawa, this meet up is for you!
In partnership with Startup Ottawa, Capital Drinks aims to connect like minded individuals in a casual, social setting. If you are looking for a group of people that are passionate, creative, into trying new things, and love feeding off the energy of others - come on out to Capital Drinks!
I'm not an entrepreneur and I don't work at a startup, can I come?
Absolutely! Who knows, maybe after you meet a few passionate entrepreneurs you'll become inspired to start something yourself!
I have a Not For Profit or Charity or other organization or project I am starting up, can I come?
That sounds cool! Sounds like you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you, we'd love to meet you!
Should I bring business cards?
Capital Drinks is meant to be a laid back, casual, social environment - but let's be honest - entrepreneurs, business owners and startups don't go far without their business cards! We also encourage connecting on social media or meeting up for coffee after the event! The aim is to make connections, build relationships and bring people together, if business happens, great! If you make some friends that "get" you - perfect!
Will there be speakers?
Nope, nothing formal. If you want to be inspired or learn, just ask another entrepreneur to tell you their story!
Are you looking for sponsors?
We are happy to talk sponsorship! Although we don't want this event to get too formal, there are lots of opportunities to reach entrepreneurs and startups in Ottawa through Startup Ottawa, feel free to email for more information!