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Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3Z3




$ 10 per Person


Suzette Schmiedel
Building Inner & Outer Peace
Unlocking the Heart of Humanity to Liberate World Peace – You will be able to experience a powerful exercise that unlocks both inner and outer peace that can tangibly be experienced and felt. This technique will be accompanied by Himalayan Singing Bowl sounds to assist in transporting us into a new dimension of world peace that we will co-create together.

Summary of journey, benefits and take-aways
• A Technique for attaining deep inner peace on a daily basis
• Building a strong bio-energetic peace field
• Exponentially expanding peace into the world
• Singing bowl sounds that transport you into higher dimensions of peace

1) How did they come to give this demonstration/presentation?

Suzette Schmiedel has been practicing Meditation and inner peace techniques for over 20 years. She experiences on a daily basis the benefits of inner peace and is called to share this experience with others so that they can find the key to inner peace and outer peace, and together build the world of our dreams.

Suzette is a Wellness Life Coach that has developed and taught workshops and courses on wellness and health in many community centres throughout the Ottawa region including Rama Lotus Yoga Centre, Vanier Community Centre, and Crystal Seas Health Care Centre. She currently teaches at the Wellness Learning Centre in Wakefield, Quebec and travels locally to share her knowledge and experience to create a better world.
She is also the host of "I Am Alive" wellness radio show on CKCU 93.1FM and Wellness World Radio online. You can contact her to receive a weekly podcast of the show.

"The courses Suzette offers are very special. As a teacher and guide she is, in a word, extraordinary."
Michael Petrunik - Ottawa

2) What are the benefits?

Peace Building:
• Strengthens our ability to daily create inner peace
• Allows us to build a strong bio-energetic peace field
• Teaches us how to exponentially co-create a peaceful world
• Brings peace of mind and a deep sense of wellbeing

3) What added value will the audience take home with them to enhance their lives?

This practical one hour workshop will teach you a powerful method for decreasing stress and attaining deep inner peace on a daily basis as well as participating in creating world peace.

You will also enjoy the sound of Himalayan Singing Bowls that the instructor uses to guide you into the practice of building inner peace.

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early so that we can start on time
6:00 PM Setting up for presenters and information tables
6:30 PM Doors and Networking Table Open

Voluntary Contribution up to $10 suggested towards costs related to the event

7:00 PM Workshop Introduction…

8:15 PM Circle introductions and multiple mini-exchanges

8:50 PM Announcements
9:00 PM Closing Circle
10:00 PM Doors close.

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